Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm Back ... Maybe

I've been encouraged by friends to go back to blogging. So, for today at least, I'm back.

The really big news is I have another granddaughter. My son and his wife welcomed their fourth child on June 1. Her name is Meridith Olivia. She was a big baby, as were her siblings. She was christened on August19. . . on her sister Eme's ninth birthday.

My oldest granddaughter received numerous first places at the Twirling Nationals in July. I am extremely proud of her and her talent.

My oldest grandson became part of the American Youth Baseball of Fame in Cooperstown this summer. His team didn't make it to first place but and a great time.

The other two were also busy, but, didn't get huge awards like these. More on them later.

I have gotten back to stitching, and, again, more on that later. For today, a brag.

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