Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Missed My Own Deadline, Again

I was thinking I would post once a week. Well, unfortunately, the best of intentions often go by the wayside.

I am still working on the afghan and have a couple more letters to share.

I don't really like the 'C'. I think it looks like it was over-achieving and trying to go on to be a 'G'. But, I'm not changing it.

I love this little duck. His crooked little beak looks like he tried to break out of the afghan and failed. But, I give him of credit for trying.

My Tuesday Stitch group met in DC yesterday. I don't like to drive there, so I depend on fellow members for transportation those days. We had a full car - 5 of us - Thanks, Sallie. Another stitcher's husband drove us to Sallie's and my husband picked us up  - Thanks, guys.

I wish I knew how to change the alarm clock in my head that reminds me to post. I think the one I have is a couple of days out of whack.

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Day or Two Late ... or even more

I thought I would get back to this almost a week ago. I don't know where time goes, but it surely does go.

I am stitching again, but not as much as I did before the carpal issues. Here are a couple of the things I did since last September -

I always did love
"The Raven", so it
just seemed obvious
that this should be
one of my projects

Just a nice little Quaker ... on the diagonal

Unfortunately, I can't find a picture of the birth sampler I did for the new grandchild. Maybe when we head to Long Island next time I will remember to take a picture of it to post.

I have started working on an afghan for Meri. It is going pretty fast, so it will probably be done by Christmas. I hope so anyway. It is a pretty basic alphabet, BUT, it fits in the squares. I am using the Charles Craft Afghan for Alphabets, and the DMC chart for the child's alphabet afghan.

I did alphabet afghans for her sisters - Becca got 'old fashioned toys' and Eme got  a floral alphabet. The boys both got lighthouses - Bryce's was lighthouse on the Chesapeake Bay, and Xander's was lighthouses in the Long Island area.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm Back ... Maybe

I've been encouraged by friends to go back to blogging. So, for today at least, I'm back.

The really big news is I have another granddaughter. My son and his wife welcomed their fourth child on June 1. Her name is Meridith Olivia. She was a big baby, as were her siblings. She was christened on August19. . . on her sister Eme's ninth birthday.

My oldest granddaughter received numerous first places at the Twirling Nationals in July. I am extremely proud of her and her talent.

My oldest grandson became part of the American Youth Baseball of Fame in Cooperstown this summer. His team didn't make it to first place but and a great time.

The other two were also busy, but, didn't get huge awards like these. More on them later.

I have gotten back to stitching, and, again, more on that later. For today, a brag.