Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Even though I know that my right wrist and hand are extremely tender and very swollen, that is all I know. I get to see yet another doctor tomorrow. The worst of it is that I am pretty well convinced that he won't know  what to do either. sigh.

On a family note, the grands are truly growing up. Our daughter took her 11-year old to baseball camp recently. On the way to camp, he explained that she could say good bye to him, but no hugging or kissing. She was devastated ... but followed orders. Her husband will have scans done tomorrow. I'm praying that they show improvement.

Monday, July 11, 2011


I am very impatiently awaiting the arrival of my ornaments. I sent them to a finisher very early last month. I got an email from her in the middle of last week that she had finally completed them and that they would go in the mail that night.

She also apologized for taking so long. She had been in the hospital .. and for a pretty major reason. She had a couple of strokes during June. She said that she is recovering well. I hope so. A stroke can do all kinds of nasty damage. After my mother had a stroke - in the hospital - she was unable to bring to mind the word she wanted to use. Pretty minor as strokes go though.

Best wishes for her speedy and complete recovery.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Well, I now have a name for what is bothering my foot. I have Charcot Foot. I really shouldn't have been surprised since I am diabetic, and have neuropathy, but I really was. It is a stress condition that can lead to all manor of broken bones in the feet. So, I get to be fitted for a really heavy-duty foot brace. I will get to wear it for a couple of months or so. Hopefully, after than, I will be good to go ... at least for a while.

Meanwhile, I get to continue staying off of my feet (well, just the one foot, but the other one isn't all that independent, so it goes up too). I keep on stitching, but have now got my right hand in a brace because I have done too much stitching and my carpal tunnel issues are acting up.

Some days, all I do is ache. But the good days far outnumber those, so, on the bad days, I'll look out for the next good one.