Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Car is Back

Well, the car survived the trip to the repair shop. But the bank account didn't. A lot of money later, it works like new. Which is a silly statement because we didn't know it had a problem when it went in for an oil change.

I have been working on the Lizzie Kate Jingles. I am doing it as a long banner.

I actually have one more segment done, but the picture left a lot to be desired ... like clarity. It was so blurred I must have sneezed when it finally took.

I am using a very nice pure white fabric that the snow disappeared into. I decided that wasn't going to work because Lizzie*Kate used a lot of snow in this one. So, I tea dyed it. Twice. It still is very light, but at least now you can see the various bits of snow - flakes, snow men, etc.

I have been trying to stitching during the Olympics. Not so much happening in my stitching, but a lot going on on the TV. I don't really like Bob Costas, but he is an Olympic standard. I did like the way he started the broadcast the other night ... Hi, I'm Bob Costas, standing in tonight for Matt Lauer and Meredith Vierea.

We celebrated a 50th birthday at the stitch group yesterday. One of our members turned 50 on Valentine's day. Funny thing is, we have two people with a Valentine's day birthday ... out of 16. We had a potluck. Lot of good food. Our hostess went all out. She had an appetizer - homemade cheese crackers, a casserole - not sure of its name, but it was loaded with broccoli and cheese and a dessert - a Raspberry cake. Our birthday girl brought a tea mix for us to share - coincidentally, it also contained Raspberries.

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