Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enough, already!

It is snowing ... again. I wouldn't mind, except we had to head to Alexandria to pick up my pillow from the finisher. We took it in in December ... about the 18th. It came back in late January, but wasn't done the way I had asked for it to be done. So, it had to be redone. We got a call over the weekend that it was ready, again. Since no needlework shop in the history of needlework shops is open every Sunday or Monday, we had to wait until today to get it. The snow made for an interesting drive. The trees, shrubs and grass were all covered with a fluffy coat of beautiful snow. The roads had some snow, making it a little tricky for driving, but since I wasn't the one driving, it went well.

Here is the pillow, still wrapped in the plastic cover to get it home in the weather. My grandson and his parents had been to dinner in a 'sports bar' restaurant. The booth had a tapestry like covering that include scenes from pretty much any sport that used a ball. He took pictures of the baseball segment and asked me to make him a pillow ... a lot easier said than done, but finally DONE! I did a bit of personalizing ... since his favorite had just won the World Series when I started designing the pillow, I include a reference to them ..  and made the stripes on the batter match their uniforms. 

The Tuesday stitch group has a day off. Our hostess is visiting her brother whose wife was readmitted to the hospital. We are all hoping and praying that all goes well.

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