Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Passed Us By ... Thanks Sandy

Well, it is Tuesday morning, about 10 am. Sandy apparently has come and gone. We never lost power. Not even a flicker. But, we had a lot of rain ... too much for our leaky basement. Bill has had to vacuum up the water several times. The waterproofers don't get here until tomorrow. <sigh>

I was supposed to host my stitch group today. I cancelled because the weather gurus were predicting hurricane force winds and extremely heavy rains for today. Right now ... no rain, no wind. Go figure.

I had planned a spinach salad with curried pecans, pears, red onions and a cider vinaigrette dressing. We will have some tonight, along with the pumpkin soup I had planned. I didn't make the dessert, though. When our son and his family come by around Thanksgiving, I will do the Butterscotch Tiramisu Cheesecake.

I got three of the six ornaments back from the finisher. I think she did a good job ... The one with the baseball mitt is for my grandson Bryce .. she put an ultrasuede back on it that looks like a baseball glove leather. The Girl Scout ornament for Eme has a white back and the little mitten for Meri has a blue ultrasuede that picks up the blue in the cuff.

I was planning to work on some additional ornaments while not stitching on the afghan, but something got in the way. Instead, I started my three part mystery by Brenda Gervais. I have a little of the border done and most of the alphabet. I'd post a picture, but I can't seem to get enough light on it today, and when I use a flash, the light bounces in a very peculiar manner. Maybe when the cloud cover moves on I can try again.

If it is rainy and windy in your direction, take care.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The birthday party was a huge success. We had a potluck luncheon. And as always, the food was spectacular! We had everything from soup to nuts [well, not soup but almost everything else] and a fantastic strawberry cake. The birthday girl even brought a dish to share - the pimiento cheese.

Next week we will be meeting at my house. Normally, all we provide is a beverage (hot tea is always nice) and a dessert. Some hostesses provide a salad, or perhaps scones, or something extra. However, I have been craving soup and my husband doesn't like soup. So, I am taking advantage of having a nice little group and making soup, knowing most of it will be eaten at lunch. The stitchers get a nice soup, I get to have soup, and hubby doesn't have to eat it. The best of all worlds.

 I continue to plod along with the afghan. Frankly, I am getting tired of it. I need to take a break and do something else for a day or two. Since I am at the halfway mark, I think I will give myself a week off

I have several ornament charts picked out to do, so one of them is going to be stitched this week.

 the 'M' isn't really lopsided ...
just the photographer ----->

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Our daughter's husband had a 'little' party to celebrate her 50th birthday. They live in a large house, and every corner was packed with people from all parts of her life! Our son and his family did not make it down ... their newest [now just 4 1/2 months old] has decided that she absolutely does not like riding in a car, and to prove the point, she screams [not a cry, but an actual scream]at the top of her lungs the entire time she is in the car. They wonder how she can keep it up. They also decided that they just were not going to ride for 6 hours testing whether she would every stop screaming. Several other members of the family did make it, though ... Daughter is in the green shirt, hugging her son.

I have managed to get more done on the afghan for Meri [aka The Screamer].

OK ... something is wrong here. Those pictures were supposed to all line up. I don't seem to have the skills needed to make it work, so, here they are ... they way they want to be on the page.

 The "I" didn't take too much effort. So far, it has been the easiest.

I am almost through with the one from the Mary Ann Blackburn booklet.

I didn't make it to my stitch group today. After the big party, I seem to have developed a cough complete with sneezes. I didn't think anyone in the group really wanted me to share it. Next week, we are celebrating the 75th birthday of one of the stitchers. We will have a pot-luck luncheon. I am trying to decide what I want to bring. Good thing I have a week to make up my mind.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Normally, Wednesday come and go without much notice. Not today. Husband has a meeting this afternoon and showed up at the breakfast table in his organization shirt. This only alarms me because we still have 2/3 of the basement to move around before the water proofing guys come in. Being togged out in his 'go-to-meeting' duds means nothing is going to get done today. Mostly because he won't be messing up the shirt and I won't be traveling down the stairs. [My knees object to stairs as a general thing - but today is a really bad day - funny stuff that arthritis.] Granted we still have three weeks until they come, but, we have over 40 years worth of accumulation in that basement to shove around. They asked for 4 feet from each wall. Some places that is easy. Others, not so much.

On a much more pleasant note, my stitch group met at Greensprings Village [a retirement community] yesterday. Our hostess treated us to lunch in one of their restaurants. Everyone agreed that lunch was spectacular. Their special of the day was a Caesar salad with fried chicken, and the dessert of the day was orange cake. Yum.

I am almost finished with my current Tuesday project - the topper for the wooden box in the Mary Ann Blackburn booklet. Just a part of a bird's wing, three eyelets and my initials need stitching. Then I need to find another project to work on Tuesdays. I can't carry a really fussy project because we spend far more time chatting than stitching and I lose track of where I am.

The afghan for Meri continues. It should be finished long before Christmas ... which is a good thing because we have to ship the gifts to New York. These gum balls were fun!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My daughter is turning 50 next weekend. Her husband is preparing a slide-show of pictures of her throughout her life. All of her friends have been asked to contribute. We have sent hundreds of pictures. That means that even more slides [yes, slides - we have a large box of slides that no one made prints from] had to be gone through and sorted. My husband won that chore. I sorted through even more pictures that did make it to albums to find ones that I thought would scan well. Turns out we had lots and lots of pictures that didn't seem all that fuzzy when we looked at them, but when the scanner looked at them ... fuzz grew.

I stitched 'La Trappestine' for her ...... It only took 10 years to complete. Well, that is misleading. I started it in 1992, but put it aside because I had made some errors that I didn't want to fool with fixing that day. I found it again this spring and decided it was time to finish it.

This isn't a very good picture, but it is the best I have. LA TRAPPESTINE written above the lady, and her skirt billows a bit more than shows here. But, it does give you an idea of what she looks like. This is sooooooo different than my usual choice in stitching.

I am continuing with the afghan ...

Only 20 letters to go .........
And then I get to do a Christmas stocking for her ... but I'm pretty sure that won't get done in 2012.