Thursday, September 1, 2011

Where Does the TIme Go

The last time I posted was almost one month ago. Since then we have seen an earthquake, a hurricane and the aftermath.

I still am not stitching. I am still in physical therapy for the hand/wrist problem. I'd say what the problem is, except I haven't got a clue about what happened. But, regaining use of the hand is an extremely slow process. As the therapist said today, ' you have come a long way ... when you first came in, you have no functionality in that hand.' To think ... putting a small hearing aid in my ear is a major milestone. And it was ... it was so important to me that I actually made a point to mentioning it to the therapist, because until today, that little gadget was too small for me to pick up. Onward and upward. Eventually, we will make the 'stupid' hand work again.

We didn't actually feel the earthquake ... we were on the road on the way to therapy when it it. But, we did see evidence that it had hit ... the elevator in the building we were traveling to had been shut down - after lights danced out of their ceiling fixtures. We had a few things walk around a bit, but none of the goodies on our shelves came down. Our daughter, near Annapolis, said that the dog was extremely upset, and that the pool was sloshing out of its bounds. They lost power but only for a short time. They had lost power the week before ... a fire in the underground systems ... that took several days to fix.

The hurricane wasn't a big issue for us either. We got about 4 1/2 - 5 inches of rain, a few small branches came down, but that was it. Daughter said they slept in the lower level of the house because there were so many old trees surrounding them. She said the pool overflowed with all the rain. Other than that, they were very lucky. Their neighbor, not so much ... two trees hit the house and another got the car in the driveway. Son, Long Island on the northern side, didn't have any problems except that they lost power for several days. All in all the family was very lucky.

My stitching group is getting together again on Tuesday. I won't be able to make it ... probably not until the end of September, assuming therapy goes well. I miss seeing everyone. Email is OK, but f2f is better.

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  1. Happy to hear you are recovering. Eventually your stitching should become part of your therapy!