Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ornaments, Part II

Long time, no post.
I have finished the last ornament for the grandkids.

There really isn't any tan color ... I think that is the table showing through.  If I can catch up with the finisher, I'll get it to her asap.

It really didn't take a month to do that ornament. I was also working on Shades of Gold, by Northern Impressions. I finished it .... just in time to see that she has announced the next Shades of ... this time it is Red ... I have ordered it from my LNS.

YIKES! It really needs pressing, doesn't it.

I am going to have it made up into a pillow. I am going to head to In Stitches, Needlework, next week and select fabric and style.

Meanwhile, we finally decided we absolutely had to get a new car. The 2005 Subaru was beginning to cost more money than it seemed to be worth. We looked at a number of cars - on paper, and then narrowed the search to the Ford C Max and the Subaru Forester. I really liked the C Max, but Bill (and his bad back) were not completely comfortable in it ... not enough lumbar support. So, we got a 2015 Forester in a slate blue ... think DMC 932. So far, we love it.