Monday, June 9, 2014

Christmas is Coming ...

Well, not quite yet, but I have started working on the grand kid ornaments. Jon's kids have told me what they want, and Vicki made a suggestion for her son. So. In order of age, with oldest first - the requests are
Becca - an eagle like her school uses for the track and field department
Bryce - a South River Seahawk - like his new school will use for its emblem
Eme - a giraffe [no hemming and hawing here, she knows what she wants]
Xander - a dinosaur, no a robot, no a dinosaur robot
 Meri- didn't enter the discussion so she is getting a traditional Santa or snowman or angel or something along those lines.

1 out of 5 ... will be easy to do. The rest require finding images I like (or at least can live with), graphing them, and then stitching them.

I have almost finished one of them. Eme's giraffe. I found a giraffe that I almost liked, graphed it, stitched it. I started on black fabric. Decided I wasn't that crazy, and restarted on white. I thought I did like the way it popped out on the black, so I gave it a black background. OMG there are a lot of black stitches in there.
Now I am working on a pinkish coral 'frame' around it.
I have almost finished two rounds of the 'frame.' Frankly, I am tired of stitching it, but think it should be at least 4 rounds deep. Any thoughts?

Today is my 'baby's birthday ... he is 48. He doesn't like me to refer to him as my baby.


  1. You are a better grandmother than I! This is a lot of work. I think it looks fine as it is but you should follow your instinct.

  2. Lynn, no, am not a better grandmother than you. Just different. I have been doing these since they were born. This is the first year that I have taken 'commissions.' I make a lot more work for myself than I have to. I am trying a different pattern on the third row and so far I like it. I am stitching two stitches, and then skipping two stitches. It gives it a bit of a postage stamp look and feel.