Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here it is June 6th already. I can't believe how fast the year is going.

My son celebrated his birthday early. He became a licensed surveyor in the state of New York. His actual birthday isn't until the 9th, but he was notified that he had received the license about the 1st. We are very proud of him ... this took a lot of doing. He had to present information on all the surveying projects he has undertaken, and pass an intensive exam.

We will have a visiting dog this weekend. My daughter and her family are heading to the Newport News area to celebrate a friend's birthday. But, the dog wasn't invited. So, he gets to visit. We will take him back on Monday when we go to watch Bryce's baseball game. Then on Tuesday, we will be there for the promotion ceremonies as Bryce leaves elementary school and heads to intermediate school. Doesn't seem like he is old enough for that ... or am I just showing my ignorance about when elementary stops and intermediate starts. When I was in school, it was elementary for grades 1-6, junior high for grades 7-9 and high school for grades 10-12. In Anne Arundel County, it is elementary for grades 1-5, intermediate for grades 7 and 8.... I think.

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  1. Well, if no one else has a comment, I have one ... it really was the 6th when I started that post, but by the time it actually got posted, it was the 7th. It just looks strange.